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Revolutionize the resource industry by developing the first AI-driven platform that seamlessly integrates state-of-the-art data science, machine learning, and automation. Our predictive analytics and intelligent forecasting will not only solve complex geological, reservoir and production engineering problems but also empower our clients to achieve unprecedented operational efficiency and sustainability.


Unique software technology and workflows disrupting legacy processes with leading edge analytics and data science

Core Values


  • Safety: Use predictive analytics to reduce operational footprints.

  • Sustainability: Manage CO₂ emissions monitoring and CO₂ sequestration.

  • People: Combine non-traditional experience and expertise to deliver outstanding results.

  • Innovation: Create research and science-grounded software solutions.

  • Clients: Collaborate, learn, and generate win-win results.

  • Empowerment: Enable engineers and scientists to focus on analysis and interpretation.

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