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The Predico Team

Our team has expertise across all spectrums of the energy industry with key objectives of customising technology for client specific challenges. 


Our technical team are supported by an international team of developers and computer scientists with an extensive background in academia and research.

Don Merritt new mug shot.jpg
Don Merritt

Chief Executive Officer

Don has spent most of his career working in the areas of oil and gas software including economics, production forecasting and planning. He has held leadership positions with Merak, Schlumberger, and Enersight around the globe.


He brought two highly successful software startups to the Australian market. Don spent the last four years in mining - working in communication systems for autonomous mining and digital technology for plant wear management

Colin Jordan, CP Eng

CTO/Chief Engineer

Colin is a petroleum /research engineer with 25+ years’ domestic and international experience in the oil and gas industry focusing on both unconventional and unconventional resources. He is formerly trained is both Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.


He authored numerous papers on petroleum technology, transient analysis, modelling techniques, as well as reservoir management and surveillance. Colin has a strong background in engineering mathematics and algorithm development.  


He is Certified Master Instructor in petroleum engineering technology

Martin Roberts Photo.jpeg
Martin Roberts, PhD

Chief Data Scientist and Advisor to the Board

Martin is an expert in data science with a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics and extensive experience in government and commercial sectors. He's known for spearheading business transformation with his statistical acumen, previously serving as Principal Data Scientist at NEOM, where he focused on energy, food, and water for the $500 billion future city project. His skills include scientific programming, data modeling, and machine learning.

Mach Dinh-Vu, MBA

Head of IT and Software Development

Mach has a distinguished track record of leading high-performance teams in the Asia-Pacific region, with extensive experience in senior management roles across multiple software companies, including Vice President of a NASDAQ-listed software company.


Mach holds a Bachelor in Computer Science from RMIT and an MBA from University of Melbourne.

Screenshot 2022-11-16 at 6.24.27 am.png
Saurabh Naik, PhD

Reservoir & Production Specialist

Saurabh, a PhD graduate from the University of Adelaide, is an accomplished researcher in the field of reservoir engineering, with a focus on multiphase flow in porous media, particularly in tight gas and shale reservoirs. His research spans various areas such as wettability alteration, water blockage, production enhancement, and the application of percolation theory. Additionally, he brings extensive experience in integrated production modelling (IPM) from the oil and gas industry, where he has specialized in production de-bottlenecking, optimization.

His key responsibilities include advancing reservoir analysis techniques and contributing to the development and quality assurance of Predico's Advanced Flow Analytics software, enhancing the company's technological capabilities in reservoir management.

Gabriel Malgaresi, PhD

Energy and CO2 Specialist

Gabriel, a distinguished chemical engineer with a master's in Reservoir Engineering and a PhD from Adelaide University, has a rich career in research. His work, published in top journals, covers diverse topics like formation damage, multiphase flow in porous media, and CO2 storage. He excels in developing numerical and analytical models, focusing on thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, and multiphase flow, backed by his strong coding skills.

His tasks include analyzing and modeling carbon and hydrogen storage, enhancing PVT models, and developing advanced flow models for wellbores and pipelines. His expertise is set to significantly advance Predico's capabilities in the energy and CO2 sectors.

Yen-Chen Liu

Full Stack Developer

Yen-Chen is an accomplished Full-Stack Engineer with over seven years of diverse experience in the IT and cybersecurity sectors. He excels in back-end development, particularly in high-availability systems, data centres, and distributed systems.

His contributions have been vital in delivering high-quality software on schedule, with a persistent focus on exploring emerging technologies.

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