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Ongoing cloud based development

Standalone modules are available 

MASLO: Oil Modelling

  • Advanced Monte-Carlo simulation for volumetrics and production forecasting

  • Our system allows for conventional and unconventional resources including coal seam gas

  • Our system is unique in that it goes beyond traditional probabilistic decline and provides physics based forecasts accounting for petrophysical, geophysical, and operation changes such as stimulation and compression


  • Analytics and material balance for CO2 Storage

  • CO2 Monitoring & Leak Diagnostics.


  • Specific modules for CCUS and CO2 Enhanced production systems

  • Deliverability models for CO2 injection into shale and coal seam gas projects

  • We are providing rapid analytics and semi-analytical models to evaluate the feasibility and quality of carbon capture systems as well as predictions of accelerated or incremental gas production from unconventional resource plays

RODA: Environment

  • Monitoring & Dashboards for SCOPE 1 and SCOPE 2 Emissions

TAHK:  Production Forecasting

  • Traditional (and emerging) gas diagnostics for reservoir evaluation, stimulation analysis, resource estimation and more.

  • Flowing material balance

  • Blasingame, Beta, NPI, and other common type-curves

KOZHA: Perforation & Completion Analysis

Our multiphase wellbore system is unique in that it can provide detailed production diagnostics, including:

  • Hydrate evaluation

  • Liquid lift identification

Our system can be “tied” directly to a SCADA system (via IIOT or similar) for real-time identification of production problems and remedies (such as the impact of inhibitors)

Mining Applications

  • We are developing spatial and temporal analytics for mineral and mining applications – to help identify quantity and quality of mineral recoverable mineral resources

  • We are also adapting our gas modelling algorithms for use as a “degassing” monitoring and analysis management system in coal mining operations (i.e. long wall mining).    This will allow real-time monitoring and estimation of gas desorption and dewatering efficiency – important for both safety, development plans, and economics

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