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Technical Team


Colin Jordan

Chief Technical Officer


Colin is a petroleum and research engineer with 20+ years’ experience in the industry with emphasis on  production optimization, gas deliverability modelling, fracture diagnostics as well as pressure/rate transient  analysis. His experience includes unconventional and conventional gas projects throughout North America, the  United Kingdom, Australia, Europe and Asia.

Colin has authored papers on a range of subjects including petroleum technology,  oil/gas production analysis, horizontal and multi-lateral modelling, reservoir management and surveillance.  He has instructed industry and in-house courses on production data analysis, reservoir characterization of  unconventional gas, and CBM/CSG operation. Colin taught reservoir engineering, simulation/modelling, applied  research, and petroleum economics at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

Colin has a strong background in software and algorithm development with a focus on petroleum and scientific  algorithms for the purpose of rate and pressure analysis, oil and gas material balance methods, wellbore  fluid mechanics/flow assurance and probabilistic modelling.


Dr. Roozbeh Koochak

Research & Development Manager

Roozbeh is a Petroleum engineer with substantial experience in the upstream oil and gas industry. He began his career as a wireline logging engineer and has extensive experience in field service delivery and upstream operations. As a Reservoir engineer, he has worked on conventional oil and tight gas fields with complex geological depositions. 

He holds a PhD from Adelaide university, and his research interests include reservoir simulation, history matching, reservoir characterization and modelling, log interpretation, and more. His publications focus on applications of data analytics and artificial intelligence in petroleum engineering, culminating in being awarded the Innovation and Commercial Partner grant by Adelaide University.

 As an accomplished coder and programmer specialising in algorithm development for subsurface modelling and characterization, Roozbeh acts as Research & Development Manager (product champion) and leads the team in commercializing the Predico’s Advanced Flow Analytics (AFA) software.

 He has published a number of articles on AI applications for petroleum engineering and geology including the Journal of Computers and Geosciences, APPEA Journal, The European Conference on Mathematics of Oil Recovery, and the Society of Petroleum Engineers.  His most recent work on applied data science for autonomous reservoir analysis was presented at the Middle East Oil, Gas and Geosciences Show.

Martin Roberts Photo.jpeg

Dr. Martin Roberts

Chief Data Scientist

Martin is a data scientist, statistics expert, teacher and international leader in machine learning and data analytics. He has over 25 years’ experience in both government and private sectors, across many industries including health, energy, agriculture and demographics. 


He did his PhD in theoretical physics, and has proven expertise in physics simulation, scientific programming, data modelling, statistical analysis, data visualization, and data management. Notable achievements include leading the data science team, as principal data scientist, in Saudi Arabia’s multibillion dollar flagship project of building a smart energy-sustainable future city.

He is a fully qualified teacher, a strong supporter of STEM education and has been involved with Tasmania State and Australian National Mathematical Olympiad training programs for over 20 years.

Martin works closely with our developers, scientists, and engineers and handles all aspects of data science, statistics, machine learning, and related technology for Predico's Advanced Flow Analytics (AFA) software.  Martin will also be playing a key role in developing our carbon neutral projects including Carbon Capture and Storage (CSS), Hydrogen, and geothermal models. 

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Dr. Saurabh Naik

Reservoir & Production Specialist

Saurabh holds a PhD from the University of Adelaide. He is a published researcher with significant research and development experience in analytical and numerical modelling of multiphase flow in porous media, with an emphasis on tight gas and shale reservoirs. His research interests include wettability alteration, water blockage, production enhancement, particle flow and application of percolation theory in reservoir engineering.

Saurabh also has extensive oil and gas industry experience in integrated production modelling (IPM), with a focus on production de-bottlenecking and optimization. As a modeller, he has utilized his programming and coding capabilities to automate and streamline scenario analysis and model maintenance.  


At Predico Software, Saurabh will act as a reservoir and production specialist focusing on the development of advanced reservoir analysis techniques including rate and pressure transient analysis.  He will also play a key role in development, quality control and assurance of our Advanced Flow Analytics (AFA) software.


Dr. Gabriel Malgaresi

Energy and CO2 Specialist

Gabriel is a chemical engineer, with a master's degree in Reservoir Engineering from the State University of Northern Rio de Janeiro and a PhD in the same field from Adelaide University. Throughout his career, Gabriel has conducted research on various topics including formation damage, multi-component suspension particles, multiphase flow in porous media, wettability alteration, and CO2 storage. His valuable contributions to the field have been recognized through publications in reputable journals such as Petroleum Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering Journal, Water Resources Research, Transport in Porous Media, Journal of Hydrology, and International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics.

Gabriel possesses extensive expertise in developing both numerical and analytical mathematical models. His coding and algorithm development skills are specifically focused on thermodynamics, fluid and reservoir characterization, as well as particles and multiphase flow in porous media. He has also developed a specialization in Carbon Capture and Storage.

In his role at Predico Software, Gabriel will serve as an Energy and CO2 specialist. His primary responsibilities will involve analyzing and modeling carbon and hydrogen storage. Additionally, he will work on expanding compositional and thermodynamic PVT (Pressure-Volume-Temperature) models, developing temperature-dependent multiphase flow models for wellbores and pipelines, creating near-critical reservoir models, and designing flow assurance models for Predico's Advanced Flow Analytics (AFA) software. Gabriel's expertise will significantly contribute to the advancement of Predico's capabilities in the energy and CO2 sectors.


Yen-Chen Liu


Full-Stack Developer

Yen-Chen is an accomplished Full-Stack Engineer with over seven years of diverse experience in the IT and cybersecurity sectors. He excels in back-end development, particularly in high-availability systems, data centres, and distributed systems.

He has been instrumental in designing and implementing distribution systems, resilient production environments, and large-scale data centres. His contributions have been vital in delivering high-quality software on schedule, with a persistent focus on exploring emerging technologies.

At Predico Software, Yen-Chen is committed to not only developing and maintaining systems with high availability and superior performance, but also continuously improving them. By leveraging his extensive knowledge and innovative approach, he aims to optimise system efficiency, ensure security, and enhance user experience, thereby contributing significantly to the company's success.


Neha Bharti


Frontend Developer

Neha is an accomplished Senior Frontend Developer with over eight years of dedicated experience in the dynamic realm of software development and IT experience in E-commerce and Financial industries.

She has constructed dynamic user interfaces to bolster expansive e-commerce platform endeavors within Agile settings for enterprise client portfolios. This involved crafting responsive designs tailored for both mobile and desktop applications, fabricating wireframes, and generating prototypes for web development undertakings utilizing technologies like React, Next.js, Typescript, and Node.js. Furthermore, she fine-tuned cross-browser compatibility and runtime performance to ensure optimal functionality.

Her role encompasses designing and executing the user interface of digital products, guaranteeing a smooth and visually captivating user experience. She excels at collaborating with backend teams to seamlessly integrate user-facing elements with server-side processes. In addition, she is adept at setting up automated testing frameworks and fine-tuning components to achieve peak performance.

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