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Workflow Challenges


Current workflows require multiple analysis tools with inconsistent data transfer protocols (Siloed modelling systems) with little or no connectivity between groups (minimal collaboration ability). This often leads to Multiple and inconsistent copies of data and unconsolidated reservoir and production conclusions.  Slower decision making due to long-leads for data and model updating 

Data Management Challenges

  • Siloed data and workflows

  • Data verification delays

  • Accessibility

  • Secure integration

  • Multiple data routes and expense

  • Multiple vendors

Interpretation & Results



  • Human Error/Subjective

  • Quality Control

  • Incorrect Results

Generic Customer Situation Diagnostic


The Predico Solution: Automated Data Path


Through automated and scheduled API calls, email and dropbox scanning, the manual handling of data is reduced.  Any combination of internet, intranet, .txt, .csv, and database (local and remote) can be evaluated in real-time.  This represents a substantial change and improved to the workflow where seamless interoperability is across all platforms

Predico Differentiators 


  • Versatile data integration
  • Smart Filtering

  • Simpler, faster data access

  • Scalability


Predico Results 

  • Reduced OPEX- manhours (days to minutes)
  • Potential software cost efficiencies

Predico Streamlined Integration

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